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Once again for the whole list (normally, I put these just to the individual authors):

Please DO NOT start a new thread by pressing 'reply'. Press 'new message'.

Emails have a reference field that ties responses to the original thread, even though the title and the message contents are completely remade. This will cause your message to be 'lost' among some other list, if the reader has an email client showing discussions by thread.

So it serves both your, readers, and for archiving reasons everyone's interests not to mix and match message threads.

Thanks.  Again.  :|

The message below (and all replies to it) are under the "LuaTask and memory allocation" thread.

YangFan kirjoitti 20.6.2007 kello 4:18:


I'm working on a project compiled as unicode charset, and I embed Lua 5.1 interpreter. As you can imagine, I get a widechar string always, and will be passed to Lua functions, or I fetch a result from Lua function with the char* type, I have to convert it to wchar_t*. So inconvenient! So I hope to find a solution that can help compiling Lua as unicode charset. Any reply would be appreciated.