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On 5/14/07, David Burgess <> wrote:
Lua has many uses. There are minor things I do not like about LUA_PATH
and LUA_CPATH, for my apps. However it was arrived at from exhaustive
discussions from many different users. A compromise.
It seens foolish to throw away this hard work.
I am happy to part of the a repopend LUA_PATH and LUA_CPATH
discussion but on o wider basis than a rather narrow Kepler view.

Sure, I'm for the wider use too. The use of Kepler as an example was
just my bias.

What I am saying is that Kepler and LuaRocks would use the default
paths if they were more reasonable. I'm not asking to change the Lua
defaults to what we use.

I really think that the current defaults for Windows are not very
useful. Aparently not only Kepler but others also redefine the paths
as the first thing before starting their applications.

While being redefinable makes the paths very useful, a default value
that is not really used could mean something, no?