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Andre Carregal wrote:
> I'd like to know if anyone would be against changing the current
> default Lua paths in Windows.

I fail to see a reason for another change. The defaults have been
discussed on the list two years ago and they work just fine.

> The current default assumes that both the Lua executables, libraries
> and the C modules go to the same directory (/), while the Lua modules
> go to the /lua directory.

Right. That's how most Windows programs are installed. All EXEs
and DLLs in the app folder. Additional files in subfolders.

> /lib (C modules such as lfs.dll)

Applying POSIX conventions to Windows is not helpful. In fact
"lib" is (for a Windows developer) the most confusing name you
could choose (associates ".lib" with it and not ".dll").

> For example, one benefit of such a small change could be explaining to
> new users (on Windows at least) that they should put the modules on
> the /lib or /lua directory, not "on your package.cpath or
> package.path".

Err? That's not how you'd explain it to a Windows user. You just
tell them to "drop the DLLs into the folder where Lua is
installed". Or "unpack the ZIP" there. Really simple.

And I _completely_ fail to understand how any particular
convention would help or hinder an automated installer or
whatever integrated project. Please stick with the standard.