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Andre Carregal wrote:
> The current default assumes that both the Lua executables, libraries
> and the C modules go to the same directory (/), while the Lua modules
> go to the /lua directory.  
> What about changing this to a slightly different structure:
> / (lua5.1.exe, lua5.1.dll etc)
> /lib (C modules such as lfs.dll)
> /lua (Lua modules such as mime.lua)
> [...]
> If someone is already counting on the use of "/" on package.cpath,
> maybe we could make 5.1.3 look for C modules in  "/" and then in
> "/lib"? And maybe on Lua 5.2 we could remove the "/" from the C
> modules path.   

Actually the package.path variable also points to / in addition to /lua.
I think the same scheme should be used for cpath. There is no reason to
remove / from the cpath. It would end as :

package.path = ".\\?.lua;"
package.path = ".\\?.dll;"

BTW I recently had some problems to redefine dynamically LUA_PATH for a
lua interpreter on windows. With the default windows shell you cannot
redefine environment variables on a per-command basis (unlike unix
shells). And to avoid polluting the current shell you have to use
setlocal/endlocal in batch files, which have further drawbacks.

It would be a nice addition to add a standard command line switch to the
stock lua interperter to override LUA_PATH and LUA_CPATH. Something

> lua -p 'foo\?.lua' -cp 'bar\?.dll' -lfoo -lbar test.lua

instead of:

> LUA_PATH='foo\?.lua' LUA_CPATH='bar\?.dll' lua -lfoo -lbar test.lua