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"Mark Edgar" <> wrote:
> The solution, of course, is to go ahead and integrate Lua yourself.
> Make sure to fully integrate it in a Lua way, be able to run arbitrary
> Lua code for a given hotkey, etc.
> For a person familiar with both Lua, and the AutoHotkey source, it
> will probably be two weekends' worth of effort.

Great idea! A minor problem may be that the only person on this planet
familiar enough with the AutoHotkey sources would be its developer. And
I'd bet a dollar or two that even Chris wouldn't be able to do it
seamlessly (that's how I interpret your "fully integrate") this side of
two (or even four) weekends.

Well, programmers are optimists. The younger, the more optimistic.

Then again, I am an oldie and I'd be glad to write in two weekends' time
that I stand corrected:-)
cheers  thomasl

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