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Mark Edgar wrote:
My serious suggestion would be to simply use Lua.  Add Lua as a new
scripting interface to AutoHotkey, and deprecate the current
language/syntax.  It would be a big win for AutoHotkey.

:-) I already suggested that several times, of course!
But author is attached to his language, its peculiarities that seems to appeal to (non-programmer) users by the simplicity of the syntax (which look odd to programmers): special syntax for hotkeys, hotstrings, remapping, commands with string parameters without quotes, liberal use of goto and gosub, and so on... Note that lot of the above might be doable with token filters... which, BTW, could be a nightmare for syntax highlighting editors! ;-)

Another problem I see: author knows well his language, the peculiarities of the syntax, and so on. If adopting a foreign language, simple on surface, complex when digging, he would loose mastery of the program as a whole: it becomes hard to tell if a given bug is really a bug of Lua, a problem of implementation, or a bad use of the language, for example.

Philippe Lhoste
--  (near) Paris -- France
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