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"Mark Edgar" <> wrote:

> My serious suggestion would be to simply use Lua.  Add Lua as a new
> scripting interface to AutoHotkey, and deprecate the current
> language/syntax.  It would be a big win for AutoHotkey.

Indeed, it would.

The current "language/syntax" is a contraption best avoided. Years ago I
wrote (or tried to write...) some longish scripts in AutoHotkey and even
a few weeks later, they were completely, utterly incomprehensible to me.
(It's much worse than Perl, if anyone can believe that:->).

However, AutoHotkey's rock-solid hotkeys and the macro features are
unsurpassed, so I still use this part as a frontend for more complex

And as Philippe remarked, Lua-in-AutoHotkey is not going to happen
anytime soon, if ever.