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On 12/26/06, Alex Queiroz <> wrote:

On 12/26/06, Ken Smith <> wrote:
> I actually did try using lposix and lfs.  Ex looks similar enough that
> I didn't bother with it as well.  Python was simpy the better tool for
> the job.  It happened that I needed to compute SHA-1 sums and Python
> had a module for it.  The Python implementation ended up being faster,
> probably owing to os.walk() being faster than explicit iteration with
> the methods provided by lposix and lfs.  The native SHA-1 support was
> also certainly better than doing a popen to sha1sum.  Although I find
> Lua to be a fantastic language, I must say that it has not usurped the
> other tools in my toolkit just yet.

     That's why I push ex: Because a growing user base is the kind of
pressure that can make it get better and more comprehensive. Some
early courageous adopters are needed!

Noted :)  It would be excellent to see these three efforts congeal
into one but I believe that has already been wished for on this list
at least once before.  I like the idea of lposix but I find its strict
adherence to the spec somewhat limiting at times.  I like Ex's
approach for sleep() better than lposix'.  (With Ex, you can sleep a
fractional number of seconds whereas with lposix, you must sleep for
integral numbers of seconds.)  I do plan to check out Ex but I frankly
it is unfortunate that the development energy is not focused.