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> Paul Hudson
>> Did the company fail or simply the project? If only the project, why?
> Company. But the failure of this product to make enough sales contributed
> to that. I could discuss all day my ideas on why, but it's well off
topic > for this list.
> In my opinion, none of the reasons were to do with the choice of Lua or
> the performance/features of Lua.
>> Could this project be revived and adopted by the Lua community, in an
>> effort to "limelight" Lua a bit more? Just a thought....
> The intellectual property of the company has been sold. I suspect, but
> don't know, that the purchasers are not interested in this part of our
> product line, but I have no way of finding out for sure.
> I believe (hi, David :)) that the company that actually did the Lua->Java
> port did not get paid fully. I don't know what this means for the
> ownership of the IP, though (possibly nothing)

So... If it was done correctly, ( and if there were no legal impediments)
IYHO, could this be a community-wide Lua Project? Get all the big guns in
on this, and do some kick-ass stuff with it? Later....
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