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> Paul Hudson

> So, if you're a large organisation wanting to do sophisticated things with
> smartphones, especially deep device manipulation or device management, you
> either commit to one platform (and risk getting "locked in", and likely
> have
> problems with your users wanting the others), or you look for some way of
> building applications and integrating with your other IT systems that's
> platform independent.
> This implies the same language on each platform - which? Java's no good
> (too
> limited on some), C/C++ vary hugely (Symbian's is really a C++ variant;
> exceptions etc are handled in a completely non-standard way). Python etc
> exist, but not on all platforms and the implementation tends to be huge.
> So Lua's a good fit. Portable, small, elegant, reasonably efficient.
> Connect
> that to a library that lets you access phone features in a portable way,
> and
> you're off.
> Which is what my employer (Intuwave) offered. And failed to make a success
> of :(


Did the company fail or simply the project? If only the project, why?
Could this project be revived and adopted by the Lua community, in an
effort to "limelight" Lua a bit more? Just a thought....
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