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Hello Linker,

Wednesday, December 20, 2006, 10:35:30 PM, you wrote:

LL> You can store the handle of the thread in the _G[ ] table in Lua when you created a thread.
LL> The handle is a ID number (or a string) of the thread.
LL> Then in C, you can call the func getThread(lua_number ID) to pass the ID to Lua and
LL> get the lua_State of the thread.

I mean lua coroutine, not os thread :)

WinProc in my application is always called by a lua function
indirectly, but I don't know which lua coroutine call it.

I can't get the suitable lua_State pointer in the WinProc , because
different lua coroutine has different lua_State pointer.

The correct lua_State pointer must exist in C's stack, but I have no way to
let WinProc get it.

So all I need is detect which lua coroutine is running, and that one
must be the lua_State I need.

Best regards,

[一人之断制, 所见有限, 犹目之一瞥, 岂能尽万物之情乎]