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jason zhang wrote:
Since Lua can be ported to so many platforms,what's the motivation to
reimplement it with Java?

----- Original Message ----- From: "Paul Hudson" <>
My previous employer (now in administration - the UK equivalent of chapter
11) had just completed a pure-Java version of Lua, aimed at mobile devices
(the first version targeted Blackberries).

It was a lot slower than the C version, but it worked, and gave us a uniform
scripting environment across Windows Mobile, Symbian and RIM.

My idea, and probably Paul's employer's one, is to provide one package to download, whatever the target machine.
It simplify choice on user side, and packaging on provider side.
Plus it is not obvious to compile and test such package for lot of platforms, even with the help of SourceForge's compile farm or similar. Now, Java has already a lot of scripting languages, targeting its VM and using introspection to tap into Java API.
But hey, I love Lua... ;-)
I would be curious to know if one of these scripting languages for Java is close to Lua (in syntax (elegance), in ease of use/learning, etc.).

Philippe Lhoste
--  (near) Paris -- France
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