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> > luarefvim, the Vim help file for Lua that is based on the reference manual,
> > has been updated to include the Lua 5.1 reference manual. Grab it at:
> > 
> >
> That is truly great! Thanks!

You're welcome. :)

> One thing I wonder, what is help.vim for?

Extra markups and settings for luarefvim.

> One tiny thing, I notice that whether c-] can jump to a description of a
> function while inside the help windows depends on whether the ( is
> touching the function name:
> 	lua_gettable(L, -1)  -- can't jump, thinks that 'lua_gettable(L' i
> 	the token
> 	lua_gettable (...) -- can jump
> For example, try ':help stackexample', then try (using c-] or \lr) to
> go to the help for lua_replace from inside the example, it doesn't work
> for me.

That's because the 'iskeyword' option is set differently for help files, and
it includes '(' (\lr should work fine in C/Lua code). To fix that, you can
append "set iskeyword+=^(" to after/syntax/help.vim.


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