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On 29-Nov-06, at 2:21 PM, Sam Roberts wrote:

On Sat, Nov 25, 2006 at 07:51:35PM -0500, Luis Carvalho wrote:
luarefvim, the Vim help file for Lua that is based on the reference manual,
has been updated to include the Lua 5.1 reference manual. Grab it at:

That is truly great! Thanks!

One thing I wonder, what is help.vim for?

It adds some syntax colouring to help files, apparently.

One tiny thing, I notice that whether c-] can jump to a description of a
function while inside the help windows depends on whether the ( is
touching the function name:

Vim helpfully :) sets the keyword matching characters (option iskeyword) to include any character other than "|* when you're in a help file. I couldn't find a way to override this behaviour; even putting a modeline in the help file doesn't change it.

As I find \lr awkward to type (and ctl-] is not much better, being a three-finger operation on a spanish keyboard), I added the following line to luarefvim.vim which remaps F1 to Lua help. I haven't tested it a lot, but it seems to work. You could use a different key, of course. (For a scripting language designed for text editing, vim's native scripting environment leaves a lot to be desired, imho.)

--- insert after the other four *map commands. This is all one line ---
map <silent> <F1> :call <SID>LookUp(matchstr(strpart(getline("."),matchend(strpart(getline("."), 0,col(".")),".*\\W\\w")-1),"\\w*"))<CR>

And thanks to Luis Carvalho for the resource.