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On Wednesday, November 01, 2006 2:28 AM, Andy Stark wrote:

> Just out of interest, is there an RPC system that uses
> Lua table notation (instead of XML, etc) to encode the
> transmitted data? Would such a system be of any use
> even it did exist?

I have a half-baked Lua binding for YAMI [1]. YAMI is a truly light weight
RPC library written in 'C' and has worked for me very well in building a
distributed system. I bridged the HTTP world with YAMI by writing a PHP
binding for YAMI. With this binding I can marshal PHP arrays (a misnomer for
tables I think) and un-marshall in the C++ domain and vice versa.

Long time ago I also started down the path of creating a module in Lua for
the MBUS spec [2]. Somehow I have never managed to get official sponsorship
for any of my Lua projects which is a pity. So, all of my Lua projects
remain in limbo.

To get to the point, I would definitely be interested in a simple Lua based
RPC module that has low impedance encoding/decoding across C, C++, PHP,
JavaScript and Lua. By low impedance I mean both ease of use and

Vijay Aswadhati

[1] YAMI -
[2] MBUS -