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This all sounds like very basic Lua stuff to me. Apart from the script unloading but taken you have:

  filters= {
	["find this in the game log file"]=	function() speak "test" end,

you can:
  filters["find this in the game log file"]= nil

..and that function is nowhere to be reached any more.

This is where I started my journey to Lua (at 4.0 time):

Kevin Vandenborne kirjoitti 31.10.2006 kello 22.33:

Well, The app i'm currently trying to make is a log parser for online games, Mainly to find certain text matched and alarm the user if found

Now i want to use lua to allow to make easy scripts to create triggers to find.

Example test.lua

trigger("find this in the game log file, "Test_function"); the search phase and call Test_function when found

function Test_function() // Do this

Basicly on script load C# will add the triggers into a arrayList wich the app will loop trough and if a match happens it calls the lua function Test_function

Now i want to be able to load new scripts while the program is running and to be able to unload scripts.

Sorry for my bad english =p