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Dear Stephen

I would like to publicly congratulate you on reaching your first release of
especially the Lua Coverage Validator!

Having been quite involved in the beta testing of this product, and
evaluation of your C/C++ Coverage Validator I, and my company's management
who are using your tools' reports, are extremely pleased with what we have
now/what you have achieved since first announcing your beta program on this
list a year ago.

Notably I would like to draw the other Lua list users' attention to the
following aspects that secured your place in our build system:
1. Support, support and more support - I have in 10+ years of dealing with
many software suppliers both bigger and smaller than Software Verify, NEVER
experienced this level of fantastic support. If more commercial companies
followed your example the world would be a much better place.

2. Price vs Benefits vs Competitor Offerings. Even in the non-Lua
environments, where there is more competition, we could not find any other
offering at a similar price, and still get the features we required. Software
Verify are actually providing a better product and support level than any
other, and doing it for a much lower price than expected in this industry.

3. The software actually works!! From both the command line and from the GUI!
And it is highly configurable from either interface - so much so that we
always get the coverage results we seek from exactly the ever-moving target
environment we require them from. I am not saying we could not get similar
results from other similar software (for the non-Lua evaluations we
conducted), but it seems like nobody else delivers *all* of the
configurability one needs in one product, in a usable format.

4. Best of all - we're working in multiple platforms and languages at
SunSpace. It's really great to learn all the ins-and-outs of the Lua Coverage
Validator - and be able to simply switch to C/C++ Coverage Validator without
much learning curve, or even to Lua Performance Validator. Once I learned 1
GUI, and 1 CLI, I was extremely productive in all your other tools. I've even
integrated results from different tools, run over different software, into
various much less detailed summary reports because all your output is in a
standardised format. This has made me extremely productive!

5. Software Verify has been in existence for 6 years. That's plenty of
confidence that they'll still be around for many more years and it makes the
purchase decision a lot easier knowing that there will be upgrades (!!FREE!!)
forever. During beta and evaluation periods, we were constantly impressed at
how quickly new features we requested and fixes for bugs we reported were

For all the sceptics - no, I am not on Stephen's payroll, nor a shareholder
in his company, or in any other business/family or friendship way connected
to Software Verify - this is the most objective expression of the best 3rd
party software experience I have had yet.

Stephen - and the rest of your team - I wish you the best of luck for coping
with the orders that I think should come raining in over the next few weeks!

Best regards

Software Engineer, Tester, Builder, Releaser, Quality Metric Reporter and

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> Stephen Kellett
> Sent: Thursday 19 October 2006 13:00
> To:
> Subject: Code Coverage and Performance Profiling Software
> Tools for Lua
> Code Coverage and Performance Profiling Software Tools for Lua
> We are pleased to inform you that we have completed the port
> and beta test of our Performance Profiling and Code Coverage
> software tools to support Lua. The software tools run on the
> Windows NT/2000/XP (and
> above) platforms. The software tools are:
> Lua Coverage Validator (a coverage analysis tool)
> Lua Performance Validator (a performance profiler)
> The website provides 30 day evaluation versions of the
> software as well as full product versions of the software.
> The evaluation versions are fully functional with only the 30
> day limit on usage.
> We hope you will be pleased by the presence of a commercial
> software tool company supporting the Lua language.
> Stephen
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> Stephen Kellett
> Object Media Limited

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