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Asko Kauppi a écrit :
My current Perl work may have a bright ending, after all. :) No matter what I do, Perl scripts are nevertheless 5x or so slower than Lua (hopefully I'll prove myself wrong; that would mean I've become a Good Perl Pandit).

If this is so, it certainly is reason for any manager to think twice. Such scripts can run for hours, or you can think in terms of the number of machines executing them. In short, Lua Saves Electricity! :)

(Any loss of focus in my mails from now on, shall be blamed on reading the Camel book. It jumps around. :)

After all, you keep your job? :-)
Well, Perl isn't that bad, I had the pleasant surprise to see that Perl scripts coded on my job are actually quite readable, although you have to get used to the "oddball" function parameter declaration syntax:

sub FilterBase( $ $ )
   my ( $database, $hash ) = @_;

Won't argue more, after the flames against Chris Marrin. ;-)

Philippe Lhoste
--  (near) Paris -- France
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