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I would love to see bitwise ops in Lua, as I think Lua is a great language to script operations in Embedded systems (embedded in my case is a high end satalite receiver for the cable/radio industry running Linux), which typically communicate with hardware.  Lua is a small and very easly extended language which makes it perfect to script non-realtime applications (such as LCD front panel UI's and hardware setup scripts).  Bitwise operators would be extreemly useful to me, and clean up the look of the code and possibly even make it faster.  It would also help me continue my crazy idea of slowly replacing shell scripts with Lua, especialy where interfacing with hardware is involved (no calls to external c programs needed, Lua librarys rock!). :)


Lua list <> on Wednesday, September 20, 2006 at 4:51 PM +0000 wrote:
> Actually, I think he was just talking about needing to use 'and', 'or' and
> 'not' instead of '&&', '||', and '!' --- Lua *has* boolean operators.
> But I think you were talking about logical operators, which stock Lua doesn't
> have, [...]

Sure. Sorry about the confusion. (I should call them bitwise operators.)

-- Roberto