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Topic changed, I changed the mail title :) 

In my opinion, syntax doesn't matter much. It matters in small companies
and projects for the reason that it's easier to find C programmers than
smart programmers that could learn a new language.

But on a wider scale, Lua has no chance against Javascript in big
corporations, and the simple reason is that there is no internationnal
standard defining Lua. Javascript is defined by ECMA.

It's a rather general human tendancy to trust only what is alike
(there's even a name for it but it would certainly start a flame war).
Big corporations only trust big corporations. For that reason anything
not coming from ISO, ECMA, or another consortium/expert group/industrial
association cannot have a chance. The people who decide in those
companies do not have the slightiest clue about what is good or not on a
technical point of view.

So when you mix incompetent technical directors/programming leads with
big-company style management, rational arguments can't win.

My 2 cents :-)