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On 13/09/2006, at 4:01 PM, Paul Hudson wrote:

I see the issue, but the fix isn't to add new syntax for appending to tables (or at least that is at best a partial fix). There may be other mentions of the table name in other code that need changing after a copy and paste.

I am inclined to agree. I toned down my earlier post to not actually agree with changes to the syntax.

As a developer who has thousands of clients who use my software, and thus Lua indirectly, I am very, very happy if the syntax does not change frequently.

I am very keen for Lua to be a stable language, that doesn't keep being released with "new cool features" very couple of months, like certain other software does.

One of the brilliant aspects of the Lua design is that it can be used unchanged to solve many problems, and even with quite complex problems, the use of things already in the language, like metatables, or custom functions, can solve them.

- Nick