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dcharno wrote:
Robert Osfield wrote:
The only little hickup was that I never found a good tour of how to do thorough C++ and Lua integration, this took reading online source code, and spending time thinking about how to integrate the two and experimenting with code.

Game Programming Gems 6 has a few nice chapters on Lua, specically Chapter 4.2 "Binding C/C++ Objects to Lua" by Waldemar Celes, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo and Roberto Ierusalimschy. This is sort of what I was hoping to get from "Game Development with Lua". Its a bit pricey just for those chapters but if you're interested in other aspects of the book it might be worth it.

Thanks everybody for your input! Keep the discussion going! Anyway - I think I'll pass on that book (the Game Development With LUA one), I am not very interested in Win32 programming (running Linux myself) - but if a book holds invaluable information on LUA in an Win32-context one can often sort it out.

My main interest is the kind of stuff mentioned above - binding C++ objects to LUA - as it is now I use the method of registering functions one by one - and in those checking for correct amount of indata and datatypes. Feels rather wrong when coding in C++ - this is what I would like to avoid - I've got the impression that other methods is availible. Also I would like to get some knowledge on how to make an optimal enviroment and interaction C++-code <-> LUA-code avoiding risks of memory leakage and the likes.

oops, turned out to be quite a rant.

anyway - keep the discussion going - all input is welcome!