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Robert Osfield a écrit :
Hi Andreas,

I bought the book, "GAME DEVELPOMENT with LUA", in hope that it might give some good insights in combining C++ and Lua, but basically it failed to give me any insight, the online Lua reference manual was much more useful. It didn't really give me any insight into using Lua either, again the online reference manual and wiki were far more useful. The 2 of 5 would seems rather charitable to me, it scored 0 out of 5 for what I wanted from the book.
I also bought it, and I would'nt give much more points.

I can thoroughly recommend "Programming in Lua", it arrived in the post 10 days after, and found it a revelation, after many many years of coding C++ its was like taking the blinkers off - blinkers that I wasn't fully aware of until I had got a couple of chapters into the book. Lua is a very powerful yet modest langauge, and the book takes you through step by step opening all the windows to new programming vistas. It is essential reading, an emphatic 5 out of 5.
I'm going to buy it right away.

The only little hickup was that I never found a good tour of how to do thorough C++ and Lua integration, this took reading online source code, and spending time thinking about how to integrate the two and experimenting with code.
I find the luna template a real gem to glue c++ to lua.
I find it so easy to use that I wonder why it seems so undurused, Is there something I am missing ?

Best regards


On 9/12/06, *Andreas Rönnquist* < <>> wrote:

    I was browsing an online store and saw the book "Game Development With
    LUA" by Paul Schuytema and Mark Manyen - Is it any good? the two
    that are up on amazon gives it a 2 and a 5 (out of 5) - so that isn't
    very much help.

    Anybody have any experience of it?

    /Andreas Rönnquist <>


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