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I just discovered LuaCOM, and it's wonderful! Thanks to the brave programmers for doing all that hard work: Renato Cerqueira, Vinicius Almendra and Fabio Mascarenhas. It's very nicely written code, that solves some difficult problem (including handling events and implementing ActiveX objects in Lua!), and it's quite useful.

Has anyone ported LuaCOM to Windows CE? If not, would anyone please volunteer to help, or give me suggestions on how to approach that task?

One of the major differences I've run across is that the Windows CE API is strictly Unicode, so you have to insert a lot of string conversions into Win32 code you're porting to WinCE. I suspect there are a lot of places in LuaCOM that need to be changed, so I'd like to come up with a systematic way to do it, that doesn't uglify the code or break it on Win32. ATL has some classes for helping with that task, that I think might help (at least it's faster and more efficient than the old USES_CONVERSION macro crap).