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Hello again...

I am the author of Silence, a programmable computer music system for algorithmic composition and synthesis. In the past, this existed as a Lua project but has been dormant for years. I am now reviving it because I believe that LuaJIT achieves the high performance essential to actually being able to compete with Csound, Pure Data, et al. The idea is that there is C++ code for the digital signal processing signal flow graph and unit generators. To write new software instruments, the user will subclass the Instrument base class and write Lua code to generate sound, calling on oscillators, envelope generators, etc. that are written in C++ and have Lua bindings to do so. Using Lua for this purpose saves me from having to create my own language.

I have a working C++ prototype of the system and now wish to create the Lua binding.

I have two main questions:

What is the best general-purpose binding tool? There will be hundreds of C++ classes that need to be wrapped.

I need to be able to define a base class in C++, derive a new Lua class from the C++ class, and have virtual functions called from the C++ base class dispatch into Lua code. This is already possible in Python using SWIG with its "director" feature. What is the best way to do this in Lua?

Thanks for any help you can provide,
Mike Gogins