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On Sun, 2006-09-03 at 22:08 -0500, Javier Guerra wrote:
> On Sunday 03 September 2006 9:34 pm, Thomas Harning Jr. wrote:
> > However, libevnet provides many facilities for async work...
> for everything, except 'normal' files.  unfortunately, kernel support is 
> spotty on this.
> check this thread on libevent list archive:

A couple of places down my list of things to add to libevnet is a
wrapper around AIO (asynchronous I/O interface defined by SUSv3 which is
supposed to work w/ file I/O), and a threaded implementation for
platforms w/o real AIO (which would be almost all of them). This would
be exposed through the "bufio.h" interface of libevnet the same way
socket I/O is, through a file object which exports source/sink/poll
functions. Ultimately something like sendfile(2) would also be
supported, but it's all about baby steps.

William Ahern <>

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