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On Mon, 2006-09-04 at 22:53 +0300, wrote:
> My employer offered me today a Perl scripting project. If 
> I really need to use that language in it, I already 
> informed them I will quit. :)

Wow. That's one way to deal w/ things ;)

> Just in case this happens, I'd be available for 
> Lua-oriented job offerings, either remotely or around the 
> Globe.  CV can be sent on request.
> btw, does any of You on the list actually still use Perl 
> for new projects?   I hope not....  My deep apologies, if 
> you do.

Yes. I've also done PerlXS extensively, which is light years behind
Lua's binding capabilities, obviously. Nonetheless, if you keep a tight
lid on things it can be barely manageable. In all likelihood things will
get out of control quickly, though. But if it didn't, where would that
leave middle management! Think of their children! They'd have to be
driven to school in budget Japanese (or w'ever your local budget
manufactuer is) cars, rather than German luxury automobiles!

Perl actually does have lexical closures; a global, mutable environment
table; and some other goodies. These things all tend to get lost in the
noise, though, and can be buggy (in older incarnations of Perl--circa
5.8.0 for instance--closures can trigger unavoidable memory leaks).

William Ahern <>

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