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I haven't looked, but isn't there some way to pull environment data out of a
Lua state?  This could be held while the VM is restarted, then pushed into
the new VM....

I'm just throwing things out - and probably making no sense.  But, if I say
something that spurs you to think of a solution, all's well that ends well -
lol.  I find that I solve problems faster if I try to explain what I'm doing
to a buddy of mine (he has minimal scripting/programming background) - by
the time I explain my problem to him I usually see the solution.


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> Sent: Sunday, July 02, 2006 9:22 AM
> To: Lua list
> Subject: Re: Memory woes
> If all the state you need can be expressed in "INI-like" key, value
> format, then it wouldn't be a huge endeavour to write C functions
> capable of accessing such "shared" space. This would be handy
> otherwise, too, especially if the system would support informing Lua
> machines of changes to the values (similar to the way GConf is used,
> between Gtk+ processes).
> Perhaps I'll do this kind of a system, but .. won't be there for your
> launch date (hmm... unless you hire me for this :)
> -asko
> Research kirjoitti 2.7.2006 kello 10.26:
> > If I could use multiple VMs, I'd just shut down the one I have and
> > restart it. The problem is that some state data needs to be shared,
> > and while I know there's lots of possibilities, all are ugly at
> > this point.
> >