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Research wrote:
> [...] Each time we do this cycle, memory associated with Lua has
> increased 145KB to 155KB.

> 6. The memory reported by lua as being in use doesn't change much (a few KB 
> between runs).
> 7. Our internal memory manager traps all lua allocations and tags them so we 
> know they are coming from lua. The increase in memory is memory used only. 
> Fragmentation wouldn't effect the number.

As there are, as far as I know, no memory leaks in Lua, I would look
at your memory manager for leaks.

One possible problem, depending on your implementation of memory management:
Lua frees memory by realloc'ing to size 0.  Some implementations of realloc
do not free memory completely in this case but keep a small memory block

Ciao, ET.