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Mike Pall <mikelu-0605 <at>> writes:

> Of course it does -- provided you compiled it according to the
> instructions given in luajit_install.html. The Makefile even has
> a target for compiling with MinGW ...

Thanks, I remember my compiler problems back in March now!

I've been stuck on 5.0 and was getting back to converting to 5.1

It doesn't work correctly for me on Win 98 SE Dev-Cpp 5.0 ( gcc 3.4.2

In my D:\Dev-Cpp\LuaJIT  directory, Dev-Cpp programs are in C:\Dev-Cpp

make mingw
cd src && C:/DEV-CPP/BIN/MAKE.EXE mingw
Too many parameters - &&

Hum... I don't think that syntax for cd works on Win 98.

And from D:\Dev-Cpp\LuaJIT\src

make mingw
C:/DEV-CPP/BIN/MAKE.EXE "LUA_A=lua51.dll" "LUA_T=luajit.exe" \
"AR=gcc -shared -o" "RANLIB=strip --strip-unneeded" \
"MYCFLAGS=-DLUA_BUILD_AS_DLL -maccumulate-outgoing-args" \
"MYLIBS=" "MYLDFLAGS=-s" luajit.exe

Then strangely, it stops and changes to the C: drive from the D: drive.

Going back to the D: drive and doing

make mingw all

And it builds luajit.exe fine.

This problem also occurs with the LUA 5.1 distro.

I have built other open source programs with my C: D: drive setup and have not
had these types of problems.

-- Rick

P.S. luajit is very nice work!