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Hi All,

I'm looking for a lua binding to the portaudio library. I've googled around but couldn't find anything apart from a post by Mr. Adrian Sietsma ... is there an (un)official lua extension for portaudio?


Adrian here :)

I built a Lua 5.0 library to portaudio v18 about 12 months ago. It was a pretty smooth integration, and supported most PA functionality, including recording.

I'm happy to send you the code as-is, but
1/ It was only ever built on Windows,
2/ Documentation is scrappy (non-existant?),
3/ You will probably have to do a proper makefile (IIRC mine is hard-pathed all over the place),
4/ There is no libsndfile binding for reading audio files.

If you are prepared to have a go, let me know.
If _anyone_ is interested in using / *nixising / polishing / tidying / documenting PA Lua, I will start a LuaForge project for it, but I don't have the time to work on it myself at present.

Adrian Sietsma

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