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Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:
The programs in there do not really test anything; they are merely
examples of Lua code. Moreover, they're not really good examples of
Lua code (some of them come from old Lua versions).

As 'tests' I've found them near-useless, but as examples I
found them *PRICELESS* when trying out Lua for the first
few days.

I'd totally expect to see a good handful of small and self-
contained examples of Lua scripts in the tarball - when looking
at any language these sort of things are (to me) the first
and best (offline and instantly-hackable) reference to
the basic syntax and capabilities, before diving into the
docs to look up anything that's not already obvious from this

So there are two basic problems at the root:
1) they're not tests, they're more like examples
2) they're not actually very good examples

I think the real solution is to:
1) call them examples, not tests :)
2) fix or replace them to the point where you can be proud
to call them good, simple examples of Lua code.

In my opinion and experience as a newbie during the 5.0alpha
period, just removing them would be a sad option.