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Mike Pall wrote:

Andreas Stenius wrote:
-   e1-> = e2->; e1->u.s.aux = e2->u.s.aux;
+   e1->u = e2->u;

Ok, this is a serious bug in Lua 5.1. It's only visible if
sizeof(int)*2 < sizeof(lua_Number). I.e. it probably only affects
16 bit CPUs with lua_Number defined as a double.

ITYM 16 bit CPUs with out of spec C compilers ;) int *should* be 32 bits, regardless of the architecture.

Not that I'm naive enough to think that there are more than one or two in spec C compilers out there, mind.

But the fix bears the question: is union assignment part of C89?

This is the bigger concern. If not, I'm suspecting there's also not a nice standard way you can massage this away with macro magic, either :(