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Kein-Hong Man skrev:
Andreas Stenius wrote:
Kein-Hong Man skrev:
[snip snip]
Without a debugger, peppering lcode.c with printfs should be fine.
Said and done :)
After a few hours of peppering, I got this log file:
Not inlined, due to it's quite long..

I've not looked at it myself yet, am about to do so now, just want to get it out too, so you can have a look too.

Bingo. I've got a candidate:

Line 735, lcode.c:
      e1->k = e2->k; e1-> = e2->;
      e1->u.s.aux = e2->u.s.aux; e1->t = e2->t;

Borks when int is 2 bytes and lua_Number is 8 bytes.

Looks like a bug.

Haha! Was just about to write the same thing!!

Thanks alot for the help!

I'll  let you know when I've fixed this if it works then.