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Andreas Stenius wrote:
Kein-Hong Man skrev:
Andreas Stenius wrote:
1.0890312344636e-60  = E0FFFFFF05007C33
2.1436356971487e-228 = 000000001100AA10

The first 4 bytes look mighty suspicious... since the expression is essentially the same but your earlier sample (=true and 0) gave a different value, I guess something is broken. Without more information, it's almost impossible for anyone on the list to diagnose what had caused it; we would be only speculating.

Something is most certainly broken. I'm still poking around to find out where, and I can't really let go of the idea it lies some where in the lua sources.. I do get the correct value when used with variable lookup (as shown earlier). Part of my struggle is that I unfortuanetly doesn't have a debugger for my target, so I can't step through the c-code, and it's quite tedious process downloading after each recompile, so it all adds up and takes quite alot of time..

Since the problem is due to the code generator producing a funny-looking constant, debugging information would be the most helpful thing now. We have pinpointed the problem, we just need to know why those constants are generated. Even if there is a config workaround, I think it's worth getting to the bottom of this and finding out exactly why it happens. It would be valuable to other users on the list who use Lua in embedding.

I did miss to point out that I got the different strange value after a recompile. Which, as you say, suggests something weird with the code generator. But it still would be in interaction with the lua sources how the code is used that generates bad code (which would be a bug in the compiler non the less, but
it should be able to come to a work-around for that).
it's little endian, and lua_Number is double.

It should be like x86 except for int... hmmm... yeah, the debugging nightmare would be if it's a problem with the C compiler. So it could be any one of the following: (a) some place in the code generator doesn't like an int of 2 and it borks (b) C compiler miscompiles the code generator due to the way it interprets C, some lack of information, some kind of shortcut taken or an internal bug
(c) double type problem due to math library or conversion
(d) ???

Without a debugger, peppering lcode.c with printfs should be fine.

Kein-Hong Man (esq.)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia