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Andreas Stenius wrote:
Interesting, I implemented luac into my monitor to see the output, and get this:

 > c"local a = true and 0"

main <(string):0,0> (2 instructions, 8 bytes at 0x148f7a)
0+ params, 2 slots, 0 upvalues, 1 local, 1 constant, 0 functions
       1       [1]     LOADK           0 -1    ; 2.1436356971487e-228
       2       [1]     RETURN          0 1
constants (1) for 0x148f7a:
       1       2.1436356971487e-228
locals (1) for 0x148f7a:
       0       a       2       2
upvalues (0) for 0x148f7a:
 > c"local a = true or 0"

Looking at the bit patterns for double values,

1.0890312344636e-60  = E0FFFFFF05007C33
2.1436356971487e-228 = 000000001100AA10

The first 4 bytes look mighty suspicious... since the expression is essentially the same but your earlier sample (=true and 0) gave a different value, I guess something is broken. Without more information, it's almost impossible for anyone on the list to diagnose what had caused it; we would be only speculating.

The sizes for the various data types is as:
       ["char"] = 1,
       ["void *"] = 4,
       ["int"] = 2,

int is the only data type that is different compared to x86. What lua_Number and endianness are you using? Assuming no modifications, ldump.c doesn't look like it can introduce such funny values, so I guess the values are produced by the code generator.

Kein-Hong Man (esq.)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia