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On Sunday 26 February 2006 05:13, David Manura wrote:
> David, I did two simple tests comparing the non-collapsed with the
> collapsed generated by your script.  test1 is based on sieve.lua and test2
> is based on sort.lua (on 10000 random numbers)--both with I/O removed. 
> This is ming/gcc-3.4/winxp.  It's an interesting idea, but "global
> optimization" didn't seem to make much of a difference as shown:

What options did you compile the combined version with? Did you try 
-finline-functions on it? Because I'm very surprised that you're not seeing 
anything at all.

(Apart from anything else, tweaking the Lua source so non-exported symbols 
were defined static should allow the compiler to generate short-range jumps 
instead of long-range, cross-module jumps. This ought to reduce code size 
noticeably, as well as slightly improving perfomance.)

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