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On Saturday 25 February 2006 12:41, Chris wrote:
> Probably the easiest way to test this would be with the Microsoft compiler
> because it can inline function calls from object code (maybe ICC can do
> this as well; ?).  You wouldn't need to move the function implementations
> to a header, you could just declare them __inline.  At least for initial
> testing to see what kind of difference it makes in the VM size and
> performance.

I have a little script here:

...which I use to collapse the Lua 5.0 VM into a single C file. I'm currently 
doing this for ease of deployment, but this would also allow compilers to do 
easy global optimisation. I haven't done any benchmarking myself, but I 
wouldn't be at all surprised if the result was noticeably faster than the 
separately compiled version. Is it of any interest to anyone?

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