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Tim Gogolin wrote:
> I just pulled the RC source for lua 5.1 and the code in  
> luaD_seterrorobj() is the same as it was before; it doesn't appear to  
> have any code similar to Mike's suggestion.

It's now in lua_resume():

  if (status != 0) {  /* error? */
    L->status = cast_byte(status);  /* mark thread as `dead' */
    luaD_seterrorobj(L, status, L->top);
    L->ci->top = L->top;                       <----------

I've checked all work/rc releases against all issues reported on
the mailing list. My bug tracker has no open items left (*).

Curious: is anyone else maintaining a private Lua bug tracker?

(*) Wrt. the source. I gave up on reporting doc/* problems.