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This information is thanks to JJensen who is the author of LuaPlus.  He just got back from a Caribbean cruise, which is why he has been out of touch.

I got the LuaPlus Remote Debugger to work.  There is a sample project called LuaServerTest in the distribution.  You only have to include a few files in your project, do a little initialization and then when you load a script, make sure to tell the client.

I have a few issues, but I only just now got the basics to work and wanted to share.

1. The app hangs sometimes on startup.  It definitely hangs if the debugger isn't there, but it will also do it when it is.  I'm probably just doing something wrong.

2. When it does run and I run a script it always stops in the debugger.  Need to figure out how to only stop if there is a break point.

So for now, I'm abandoning LuaEdit as a debugger and I'm concentrating on just LuaPlus.  I also need to switch to build 1084 and it might work better.

On 2/14/06, Garner Halloran <> wrote:
I emailed the author of LuaPlus a few weeks ago and so far no response.  I just emailed the author of LuaEdit and I'll report back if I find out anything.  I'm also trying to figure out the Remote Debugger that comes with LuaPlus, but with no documentation, I'm not sure how to use it.

On 2/14/06, Chris <> wrote:
On 2/14/06, Garner Halloran <> wrote:
> LuaEdit has a dll to do real time debugging, but it's not playing nice with
> LuaPlus.  LuaEdit wants to be in charge of creating and destroying the VM
> and so does LuaPlus.  So far I've tried to hack LuaPlus to accept the VM
> that LuaEdit creates, but it's crashing on startup.  So I thought I'd ask
> here and see if anyone else has tried to use these two together for
> debugging.

Sounds interresting. I would suggest trying to contact their support
through email, or the author directly (both emails are on the About
Let us know if you find out anything else, I for one would be
interrested in getting LuaPlus to work with LuaEdit as well.