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On Oct 12, 2005, David Morris-Oliveros posted to this list (title: "Possible bug?"). He was experiencing confusion that under some circumstances, L->ci->top might be less then L->top, and naive code to iterate the values on the "top" of the lua stack (from C) was running into undefined behavior.

Mike Pall suggested that the existing lua behavior might be considered erroneous (or at least inconsistent with other behavior elsewhere). He suggested the patch:

> Simple fix: add the following line in ldo.c at the end of luaD_seterrorobj():
>      if (L->top > L->ci->top) L->ci->top = L->top;

I just pulled the RC source for lua 5.1 and the code in luaD_seterrorobj() is the same as it was before; it doesn't appear to have any code similar to Mike's suggestion. Is this likely to be addressed for Lua 5.1 final? As I prepare to put the latest lua distribution into our app, I'm going over a list of all the places we've modified the source (to see if there will be any difficulties with pulling Lua 5.1 final), and I just noticed that this hasn't been addressed.

Has it been deemed to not be important, or was it missed?

-- Tim Gogolin
Adobe engineer