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Hello Mark - I will print the page about Switch on the lua-users wiki..

Thank you !

(I use lua only to myself and not to work - I just stumbled in Lua through SciTE )

Just one (maybe a naive) point. Sorry if it's 100% newbie.

- Learn a new language is not just learn the syntax of the new language and bring back the old language to the new. If you are learning a new language it's important learn the 'taste' of it, and learn its culture. - Last week I get a C code (a tool to compact _javascript_ code - and try to port it to lua. I began trying to recreate the same functions. After 10 or 15 minutes I found that I need make the code using lua syntax)

- By example - I'm not so sure about this, but looks to me that a common pattern on lua users is use short names to variables - like, k, v, m,  and etc. So, when, I write lua code I use that variables name.

- I like the lua 'culture' - Including comment syntax, ~=,  'and' and 'or'. I know that allowing the C equivalents on Lua will make the things easier to the C, C++ developers, but lua sintax is not what make lua beautiful?


- Walter