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All Lua enthusiasts,

At the request of Eric Wing, I finally transferred and hand processed the 7 audio recordings I made while attending the Lua Conference last July. They were made with an IPod so there is some hard drive noise that I have hand filtered out using WavePad as best I could. I also eliminated some dead air, quieted the applause (so we don't go deaf) compressed and normalized the sound and eliminated some stuttering and stammering.

The 7 files were recorded at 8khz, 16bit mono and encoded at 24kbps by Lame into .mp3 files. They are hosted on one of my web servers linked off my main web page at: or can be found directly at

The 7 files I recorded are:

GenomicsWithLua.mp3 - The presenter demonstrated a sophisticated Gene sequencing database application in Lua HowLuaBroughtTheDeadToLife.mp3 - The lead developer discusses one of the first commercial games to use Lua (+) LinuxEmbeddedLua.mp3 - discusses using Lua as a shell extension and scripting language in embedded devices LuaByteCodeDecoder.mp3 - discusses a project to reverse engineer the Lua VM object code back into source code PsychoNaughts.mp3 - Paul Dubois presents the new PsychoNaughts console game and its design and usage of Lua (+) RobertoLuaOverview.mp3 - Roberto discusses various aspects of Lua including its internal structures (+) SoundGenerationWithLua.mp3 - presents a sound synthesis project using Lua for effects and synthesis as a plugin

I did not record the presentation on Yindo and one or two other presentations.

These are provided for informational and educational use only and can be redistributed by anyone for non-commercial purposes or as the Lua development deems appropriate. The recordings marked with (+) are my favorites.


Shannon Bailey

CTO Simmunity Corporation
Engineering Manager Loyalty Ventures Inc.
San Francisco, CA