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2006/1/20, Jose Marin <>:


I would like to know your oppinion about that.

Is possible to create an entire game written in Lua?

Of course, it would be an library for the game engine,

but the entire logic/menus/etc of the game would be

written in Lua.

Sure — Lua is quote popular in the game industry and has been used this way in a number of commercial games for PCs and consoles. One recent example is the PS2 and Xbox game "Psychonauts" (one of the developers of which gave a talk at the 2005 Lua Workshop, which unfortunately I missed.)

Some amount of the UI code of World Of Warcraft is written in Lua (or maybe just extensible in Lua) ... if you google for just "Lua" you'll find several of the top hits are WoW message boards with people talking about modding the game. has several books covering game programming in Lua.