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Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the game FarCry written in Lua that
way? Personally I like FarCry, and I think the quality af the
game/graphics/audio and all that would put you question down to a very
solid yes.

/Søren Gammelmark

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[] On Behalf Of Jose Marin
Sent: 20. januar 2006 15:45
Subject: An entire game written in Lua is possible?


I would like to know your oppinion about that.

Is possible to create an entire game written in Lua?

Of course, it would be an library for the game engine,
but the entire logic/menus/etc of the game would be
written in Lua.

Why? Portability.

If wyou ant to port the game to another platform, just
change the game engine, and the whole game would be
ported to the new platform!

What your oppinion about that?

The pro's and con's.

Thanks for your oppinion!


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