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2006/1/20, Jose Marin <>:
> Hello.
> I would like to know your oppinion about that.
> Is possible to create an entire game written in Lua?
> Of course, it would be an library for the game engine,
> but the entire logic/menus/etc of the game would be
> written in Lua.
> Why? Portability.
As a proof look at (this
game actually answered your question for me some time ago:) )

Actually C + Lua rocks for me. I have somewhat complicated engine in C
(almost ansi:>). With SDL libs I just compile it on Linux & Win32 (No
code change).

Lua gives me OOP for my game :> and C gives good portability and
performance. In one sentence:

I can live without closures in low level engine but I can't live
without them in game objects definitions :>
Paweł Różański