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Antonio Scuri wrote:

>> If I just use IupOpen, iuplua_open and iupkey_open, the dialog shows but
>> does not respond (hour glass when cursor is over the box, does not
>> respond to clicks), I have to kill the app. If I add in the IUP Controls
>> libs the app just crashes on the dlg:show() call.
>  Have you tried something simple like:

...snip code...

>   Just to test your build.
>   If this is also not working then someyhing could be wrong in the VC
> project. Did you build a new project or used the one available in the
> distribution?

I just tried that build (running the sample.lua5 file), it fails in an
iupGetEnv function (ienv.c) from within a iupwinUpdateAttr function
(winset.c). Actually that function look a bit wrong, a string is
duplicated with strdup but not used, only freed near the end of the
function, even worse there is a possible return between the strdup and
free of this string i.e. memory leak. Check it out, the function starts
on line 190.