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Thanks again regarding my previous questions. Obviously I got to it yesterday to revisit the tray functionality of the app in question, and bumped into a few more problems. The app's main dialog should minimize to the system tray, but I'm not sure if I'm going about it the right way. Particularly because I can't seem to bring the dialog back up programmatically (i.e. using the tray popup menu).

Minimizing appears to work fine, either using the regular minimize button on the dialog, or using the designated menu item from the tray popup menu. When using the tray menu, its action callback minimizes the dialog with dlg.placement = "MINIMIZE" followed by dlg:show(). The show_cb of the dialog gets called with the mode argument set to 2, as expected when it gets minimized, and there it does self.hidetaskbar = "YES" successfully, and the tray menu item title is changed from "Hide" to "Show" (I did consider truely hiding the dialog by means of dlg:hide() but that leaves no other dialogs open, and thus causes IUP to quit the mainloop irrevocably).

When I try to bring the dialog back up using the tray menu (as the taskbar button is gone), well, it doesn't come back up. The action callback of the tray menu item tries to restore the dialog with dlg.placement = "NORMAL" and dlg:show(). When this happens, the button reappears back into the taskbar, but the dialog stays minimized. The show_cb gets called with mode == 0, as always, which is ignored by my code there. But it does not get called with mode == 1, probably because the dialog is not actually restored. So, oddly, it turns out that it's not (directly) my code that un-hides the taskbar button.

The show_cb then is where my code would set self.hidetaskbar = "NO" and change the tray menu item from "Show" back to "Hide", if it would ever get there (e.g. when it gets mode == 1). But it does not, indeed the menu item title remains unchanged. It's not clear to me why the taskbar button magically reappears and the dialog does not. Note that once the taskbar button reappears, clicking on it will restore the dialog (and calls show_cb with mode == 1) as expected. I just can't get it to restore programmatically.

If I try dlg.placement = "MAXIMIZED" (instead of "NORMAL") in the tray menu item's action callback, then the dialog gets maximized as expected. And then the show_cb gets called with mode == 1. So I tried maximizing it first just to have the dialog come back up, and then trying to restore it to its original size in the same way as before, but it stays maximized. In any event, setting dlg.placement = "NORMAL" does not seem to have any effect at all. I've also tried refresh, show and showXY in all kinds of combinations, but to no avail.

Furthermore, once I've used that tray menu to try and get the dialog back up, the iup.MainLoop doesn't return anymore when the dialog is closed (although the dialog itself closes and its close_cb gets called). This means the app doesn't shut down (which I only noticed because the I/O console stays open) Another (probably unrelated) problem is that the other item in my little tray menu, which looks like this... iup.item {title = "Exit", action = function() return iup.CLOSE; end}; ...doesn't seem to have any effect. The callback is called, but nothing happens when iup.CLOSE is returned.

By the way I didn't move to IUP 2.4 final yet, the current build of my app is statically linked to the prebuilt VC6 libs of IUP version 2.4b, and to lua 5.0.2.

I've reduced my code to the following little test proggie for purposes of reproducing the problems. All it needs is lua and IUP (for example the prebuilt iuplua5.exe binary download).

local MainDialog = nil;

local function Hide(dlg)
	if dlg then
		dlg.placement = "MINIMIZED";

local function Show(dlg)
	if dlg then
		dlg.placement = "NORMAL";

local TrayMenuToggle = iup.item {
	title = "Hide";
	action = function(self)
		local text = self.title;
		if text == "Hide" then Hide(MainDialog); else Show(MainDialog); end

local TrayMenu = {
	iup.item {title = "Exit", action = function() return iup.CLOSE; end};

MainDialog = iup.dialog {
	title       = "MyApp";
	icon        = "MyIcon";
	maxbox      = "NO";
	resize      = "NO";
	tray        = "YES";
	traytip     = "Hello World";
	trayimage   = "MyIcon";

	iup.label{title = "          Hello World          "};

	trayclick_cb = function()
		TrayMenu:popup(iup.MOUSEPOS, iup.MOUSEPOS);

	show_cb = function(self, mode)
		if 1 == mode then     -- Restore
			TrayMenuToggle.title = "Hide";
			self.hidetaskbar = "NO";
		elseif 2 == mode then -- Minimize
			TrayMenuToggle.title = "Show";
			self.hidetaskbar = "YES";
		else                  -- Show dialog (mode == 0)
			--iup.Message("Just checking...", tostring(mode));

	close_cb = function(self)
		self.tray = "NO";
		return iup.CLOSE;


Does anyone have any clues what's going wrong?