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At 13:36 21/12/2005, Scott Morgan wrote:
Antonio Scuri wrote:

>   The 2.4 final version of the IUP toolkit has been released.
>   IUP is a portable toolkit for building graphical user interfaces.
>   You can find the list of changes and files for download at:
>   The IupLua bindings for Lua 5 and Lua 5.1 (beta) are available.

I'm having no joy building this from source (MS VC++ 2003 (7.1)), the
iup.rc file is missing

For historical reasons this file is available in the package: iup2_4_other.tar.gz

It should be added to the sources package, among with all the files in that package, sorry about that.

and attempting to link it to a normal lua5
enviroment crashes (on a rawget on GLOBALINDEX, probably just the whole
lua state has been trashed by iuplua_open, but why?).

This is because the LOH files where build for Lua 5.1, after they were build for Lua 5.0. But the distribution files should contain the Lua 5.0 files.

So I removed the file "iup2_4_other.tar.gz" from the distribution, fixed the LOH files and added a separe folder for 5.1 LOH files. Please download again the sources.