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At 13:06 22/12/2005, Scott Morgan wrote:
>If I just use IupOpen, iuplua_open and iupkey_open, the dialog shows but
>does not respond (hour glass when cursor is over the box, does not
>respond to clicks), I have to kill the app.
Ah, sorry, just realised I need to invoke iup.MainLoop().

Yes. But without it, there should be not reason for an hour glass. The program will simpy end.

Are there any
small lua5 apps to look at and get a feel for IUP?

Yes, in there is a package called "iup2_4_examples.tar.gz" with all the examples available in the manual. Examples in Lua are included. The IupLua5 executable is an example it self, see "iup/srclua5/console.lua".

>If I add in the IUP Controls
>libs the app just crashes on the dlg:show() call.

  That´s weird. Please test using the code in my last post.

This is still an issue though, on the other hand, I'm not sure if I
really need it.

You will only need it if you want to use the addicional controls, like IupMatrix and IupTree.